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Welcome to Frontier Fashion, Inc! We are a transcendence wholesale distributor and supplier that sell high performance sunglasses. Our innovating designs allow for the latest styles without having those excessive prices other wholesale providers sell for. With high competitive prices, we try to offer our best prices compared to other whole sale providers. We offer over hundreds of different styles in all major categories of sunglasses such as Wayfarers, Aviators, Classic, Cat Eye, Readers and many more in addition to our accessories we also sell such as cases, chains, displays, and pouches. Our major priority is our clients due to their constant support which allow us to grow as a company. Being established in 2001 has portrayed and expressed that we have acquired experience and knowledge for over a decade in eye wear products.

At Frontier Fashion we strive for implementing the highest quality in our eyewear while accommodating the best prices. We offer a variety of brands such as EKO, KHAN, DXTREME, GLO, MICA, and more. The brand names also have proudly presents their logo on the side of the frames. The brands vary from having a sporty touch, simple, fashion look, and even have an environment friendly brand. We provide the latest trends and keep up to date in order to ensure providing the newest styles. Frontier Fashion eye wear offer eye protection through UV protection on UVA and UVB rays. Our company also provides a Prop 65 warning concern.

Not only does Frontier offer a variety of brands, we also create custom make orders for sunglasses to fit what the customer would like such as modifying current styles or creating a new style. This opens the door for various customers since other competitive wholesale companies do not venture in custom orders as we do.

We ensure that our staff members' have the first-hand knowledge regarding the latest styles and sales which allow our customers to trust in our company in buying the highest quality. We offer both online and in person transactions to better fit the customer?s needs at all times. Our representatives dedicate the highest quality of customer service and ensuring the lowest prices to our customers. Shipping can be provided or if locally located near our Frontier Fashion location, we offer delivery if needed.

Our customers are located all over the world and your business is highly welcome and appreciated no matter the location. If you would like to know about any promotions or would like to create a promotion together, contact our representative as well as having any questions about creating a project, contest, or sponsoring in collaboration in any way.

Give us a call, visit us online or come on in today to see what we can do for you.