Our Sunglass Partners

Since the establishment of Frontier Fashion in 2001, we have become one of top contenders in wholesale sunglass sales growing from the heart of Southern California. Starting with brands like GLO sunglasses, the ever popular and undeniably world renowned KHAN sunglasses, the sporty and daring DXtreme sunglasses, and KLEO glasses, the fashionista that transcends from yesterdays into tomorrows. To continue with the tradition, we have recently introduced MICA sunglasses, for those with a simplistic subtle premium touch, and EKO sunglasses for those who love the environment. Every brand you see listed here are exclusive from us and to you. That's why we can provide wholesale, bulk pricing on our sunglass catalog. We've collected a mixture of the old and the new; so whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, the discoveries here are endless. Browse our brands below, and give us a call if you're curious about any product in our extensive catalog.