Eyewear has become synonymous with fashion, power, and status. Sunglasses are versatile for events, location, and style. There are many possible styles available in today's age. That’s why Frontier Fashion is proud to provide you with vast majority of popular style choices that you view everyday. You see them everywhere, from the streets of New York to the beaches of Orange County. The most noticeable areas are at sporting events, celebrities on TV, images in glamour magazines, and Movie icons wearing sunglasses. These forces create trends and answer the question, "what's hot?"

Sunglasses are a big part of first impressions. And they’ve caught fire on social media. For example, the hashtag #sunglasses currently surpasses 17 million mentions. Plus, often times you see individuals posing under #OOTD (outfit of the day) with some style of eyewear. You can’t deny that sunnies accent the clothes we choose to wear. Nowadays shades are part of our everyday wardrobe, so it’s often necessary to accessorize your day-to-day fashion.

Frontier Fashion has many styles of sunglasses and eyewear, such as the iconic aviators, wayfarers, cat eye styles, the sporty, and retro throwbacks. What you may not know is, we also have special niche glasses, including burlesque glasses, fit-overs for those who wear prescription glasses, readers for those with eye problems, sunglasses specifically for driving, lenses that can flip, sunglasses that can glow in the dark, patriotic flag sunglasses, sports-themed glasses, and even Lennon-inspired sunglasses!

As you can see, Frontier Fashion is here to connect you with the perfect sunglass styles. Browse through our styles below, and find the perfect glasses. If you’re curious about our styles, feel free to get in touch with us.